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Resigned and handed your notice. Now what?
Resigned and handed your notice. Now what?

After months of searching, applying and interviewing, you have finally been offered an amazing opportunity, accordingly resigned from Current employer, during the notice period should you relax? Answer is No.
Here's Why:
It’s about work not play
Once your departure from the company and last working day is confirmed, you can make your plans. Act with dignity as you are still in employment. Your reputation will depend on how you behave now. Maintain your professional routine.
Last impressions count
During your time at your current employer, you will have worked hard to build a professional brand and reputation. Don’t damage this now by letting the quality or quantity of your work slip. After all, the way you behave in the next few weeks will most likely build a picture of how you will be remembered once you’re gone. This, in turn, will determine whether you walk away from this job with the door left open behind you, or firmly shut. Even if you never want to return, you need to leave on good terms with your manager for the sake of your future references and reputation.
Furthermore, you want your colleagues to think and speak highly of you, as you never know when your professional paths may cross again. You may well need a former colleague to recommend you for a role, introduce you to a useful connection.
Knowledge transfer Your employer may want you to complete all existing projects before you leave. Start off with meeting your replacement and setting an agenda for handing over information. Introduce your replacement to your team, clients and vendors and formally inform them of the change in role.
References Towards the beginning of your notice period, speak to your supervisors, HR and senior colleagues and sound them out to write reference letters. HR managers are generally permitted to give standard experience letters. Obtain a clearance certificate from all concerned stakeholders. Transfer all personal data and contacts from your office computer to your own devices
Keep the door open. As your last week approaches, start planning your personal farewells and thank yous, especially for anyone who has particularly helped your career or acted as a mentor. Remember to connect on online professional networks and if appropriate, exchange contact details.
Get Ready Yes, an exciting new job is on the horizon for you, and soon there will be plenty of work to do to ensure that you get off to a strong start

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