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5 Reasons You're Not Getting Hired (Even Though You’re Qualified for the job)
5 Reasons You're Not Getting Hired (Even Though You’re Qualified for the job)

Dozens of job interviews, and no offers? Are you too old, too young, over-qualified or just out of luck? Thinking back on your interview, you feel good about it. You had a reasonable answer to every question and made no major mistakes. Unfortunately, that’s generally not enough to land an offer.
Qualified but not able to connect interviewer

Hiring managers often lead multiple interviews a day, sometimes back-to-back. Even if you have strong qualifications, you’ll have a hard time finding your way onto the offer list. You’ve got the experience, but you’ll want to get better at connecting with the interviewer.
Solution: The best way to do that is to practice. Ask your good friend or experienced friend to take your interview and practice your responses and improve over responses. Appropriate eye contact speaks to confidence and self-esteem helps connect interviewer, Be ready to talk about your achievements and successes.

Unclear job goals eliminate many candidates from further considerationEmployers are not interested in hiring people who don’t know what they want to do or are not clear about their goals.
Solution: Set your goals, short term, long term goal.

Unprepared for the interview or Lack Interview Skills

Preparing includes practice answering interview questions Technically as well as researching the company. Interviewers are always impressed when you know something about their company. If due to a lack of practice you stumble with your answers. Maybe you ask questions that make it clear you didn’t do your research. Maybe you don’t ask any questions at all. Maybe you skip the thank you note, because you think it doesn’t really matter.
Solution: study the subject matter and research about company.

Critical Thinking Skills. Critical thinking and problem solving are both skills that are essential for success in the workplace. You should be able to dissect problems and prioritize creative solutions using all of the resources available to you. Critical thinking also involves taking multiple perspectives into account and re-evaluating solutions in light of new evidence, which shows that you’re flexible and able to make the best decision for the team.
Solution: Showcase these skills by highlighting a problem you’ve had to solve – discuss the problem, how you came up with the possible solutions, and how you chose the right one

Communication Skills
You’re likely to find “strong communication skills” in the requirements section of almost any job description. Whether written or verbal, employers are looking for employees who can make a point quickly and effectively, understand how to explain subjects to a diverse audience.
Solution: If written communication is your weak spot, start reading more. By reading professional articles and content and phrases to make your communications more effective. If you struggle more with verbal communication, You can practice speaking in front of a friends, colleagues or mirror to get more comfortable with your mannerisms and certain phrases before a big presentation or an interview.

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